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Outward Bound for Indoor Kids' Journal
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Below are the 12 most recent journal entries recorded in Outward Bound for Indoor Kids' LiveJournal:

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Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009
9:04 am
OBIK '09 Lost and Found
This is the stuff we've got at our place.

Also, there's still a fair amount of Juice and Soda left.

Friday, January 11th, 2008
12:25 pm
last day to order Flipside tix!!
(copied from Starr's email to the austin-list)Collapse )

We were going to try to order an extra pair of tickets, but it's just not in our budget to do so this week.

I think I'm going to be taking the ambulance to Church Night starting next week to get crackin' on it! YAY!

I also know that our little bunch has grown considerably over the last several months. Anyone want to point those folks over here for planning consolidation?
Friday, October 19th, 2007
6:21 pm
Project idea......
I've been thinking of a flipside project that would dovetail nicely with the theme camp.

Basically, it would involve getting a bunch of retro hand-held games, like from the 80's and 90's.

More below the cutCollapse )
Wednesday, October 17th, 2007
9:27 pm
In Which I Apologize....
Reposting, thanks to the list moderators for re-adding me to the community so quickly. I'll leave now if the community members want me to.

It's come to my attention from my rather devoted wife that the ruckus I was involved with a couple of days ago with the flipside camp I was with last year is still ongoing.

I'd be posting to that group except I left it to:
1) Diffuse the situation by giving myself some time to let feelings simmer down
2) Remove myself as an irritant to those that are obviously upset with me

I hear that this has not occurred.

So in the interest of maintaining community, I'd suggest that anyone who wishes to discuss the situation further with me to give me a call at 972-322-1358. I'll be happy to talk it over with you. I've already proactively called one member to discuss, and was told we'd talk more tomorrow.

On that note,

I apologize that my harsh tone upset some people. I am very strongly protective of my family and if I feel they are being threatened I will not react well. I feel this is a good quality and was completely justified in my feelings, however, I recognize some might disagree. I'm sorry if we can't see eye to eye on this. If that makes me a raging asshole, so be it.

I also pologize that I made my reaction in a public manner. Doing so involved and injured a bunch of people that were innocent bystanders. I should have emailed or called the parties involved directly rather than discussing it on an open forum.

I respectfully request that any further public discussion be avoided in the interest of community well-being. I am NOT trying to further dredge up this issue with this post, and request that any further discussion be directed to me offline.

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007
5:13 pm
Frijoles and Mole'
Now I will admit that I was a bit tipsy on Saturday when I was IM-ing with Casey. She mentioned Flipside planning. I thought it only fair to mention that I was thiking about the possibility of a non-kid-oriented camp. If I gave the impression that I wanted the kids out of OBIK I apologize.

That having been said, I can't say that any of this hastens my return to LJ-land.
3:39 pm
*** This attempt at humor is brought to you by the letter 'B' and the number '7' ***
bayou_babe and I are thinking about forming a new theme camp. We can't decide on a name:

Lesbians Without Drama


Camp Oxymoron

(I kid because I love.)
(I also kid because when I can't stand the tension, I try to cut it with humor.)

(Have at you, Tension!)

(I'm going to cut you, Tension!)
2:20 pm
For those watching at home
blissfish mentioned that ladyjendifi had left the community yesterday. She made a post in her own journal regarding this but its come to my attention that there are several new people watching this list that are not only not officially members of the list yet but who also don't know ladyjendifi or aren't on her friends list. She has since made the post public for those of you who are following along at home.

Current Mood: drained
Monday, October 15th, 2007
8:18 pm
Oh, fer chrissakes, this isn't high school.

If I extricated myself from every situation (i.e. walked off in a huff) where my opinions OR attitude pissed someone off or offended somone, I would be leading a pretty darn solitary life.

C'mon. We all have been doing things together for the last 3 years or more because we LIKE each other, right? Because we have things in common and enjoy spending time around each other. We're not always going to agree on stuff, and things should be able to be discussed heatedly without inflicting any sort of permanent grrr.

Yes, the topic at hand is a potentially sensitive one. But it's not unsurmountable. Especially as we've only heard from a very small portion of our group.

I would be sad if we had to split the camp, but I understand that our group consists of people at very different stages of their lives (as a whole, our ages span well over a decade) and people are seeking different things from their event experiences. If that means we need to separate to accomodate the differences, I guess we will.

I'd like to think we're capable of really showing that we, as a group, ARE an intentional community .... both as part of the larger community and in and of ourselves.


x-posted to my journal
7:24 pm
Boy oh boy did I pick the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.
2:17 pm
Here's how it is.....
Prior to last year, Anaitis and I camped on our own or with friends the previous 5 years. I've purchased and hauled huge amounts of gear for other people to use and given away hundreds of dollars of food, alcohol, and supplies.

Since I was part of an official "theme camp" last year, (and for those playing at home I've been in a "theme camp" every year but one and built structures and attractions for each one), I've gotten mostly drama in return.

So, if you've got a problem with me or my family, that's fine. I suggest not camping near me or eating my food or using my camp chairs, tools, shade structures, tarps, tables, food prep gear, electrical gear and lights, coolers, flooring, tents, generator, batteries, fans, lanterns, or my vehicles to haul your shit (all of which were used extensively in OBIK last year).

We did just fine before and I have zero problems doing it again on my own.
10:35 am
Resistance was futile, I'm trying to be assimilated
After speaking about it with blissfish, jenmarie and salembroomrider this Sunday, it looks like I'd like to join up with OBIK for Burning Flipside '08. So, given the recent post about being more selective about who you guys and gals let in, I thought I'd post a quick introduction, for those who don't know me in particular.

I'm a semi-experienced camper but would not call myself an outdoorsman. If I go (about 85-90% likelyhood right now), this will be my first Flipside. I like building things with my hands, but as of now am not terribly good at it. I'm a comic book/gamer geek and am always willing to represent the icosohedron. I've got a kidlet due shortly, so he may make an appearance out at Flipside (he'll be 7 months ish by then).

As it will be my first Flipside, I'll likely be needin some advice on what to bring. I'm willing, and will likely have the time, to pitch on building structures/art for the camp, but as of now have no specific ideas.

I guess that's about it. Feel free to fire away with questions.
Tuesday, June 26th, 2007
6:04 pm
So my schedule has me off on Sunday
So was thinking of making my way out to Decompression Saturday evening. Who's going, and where can i find out more info about it

Current Mood: excited
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